Client Testimonials

Read what other pet parents are saying about us!

"Dr. Grove and her assistant were wonderful and spent a lot of time answering my questions.  Stella warmed up to them easily and felt comfortable in their care.  I'm so happy to have found trusted friend animal clinic and will continue to bring Stella there for her care.  I highly recommend them!"

- Heather

"Dr. Grove and staff and thorough and caring.  They knew why we were coming in and had done research and prepared for our visit.  Once there, they did not cut corners on time trying to get us in and out.  What a wonderful place!"

- Paula 

"I am impressed with the amount of time and knowledge this clinic spent with me at our first appointment.  Looking forward to the next one!"

- Wes

"Dr. Grove was terrific with both our outgoing slightly pushy dog and our painfully timid dog.  Our last vet had dismissed a weight loss in one of our dogs as nothing to worry about.  When the problem continued to worsen we saw Dr. Grove, who diagnosed and treated the cause of the weight loss.  Our dog is gaining her weight back and is happy and playful."

- Janet

"I am so grateful that you have located your new clinic near to Simba's home.  She is doing so well and if anything is different since her visit, I think her Purr is louder!"

- Ed

"Everyone at Trusted Friend Animal Clinic has been amazing when working with my dog Wrigley.  I have truly enjoyed my experiences there and would recommend this place to anyone seeking a fabulous vet!"

- Sarah

"Excellent service and I even received a check up call the next day.  My dog is extremely nervous about seeing the vet and by the end of the appointment, his tail was wagging happily!  Definitely have found a lifelong veterinarian!"

- Holly

"Dr. Grove and staff are very compassionate and attentive to their furry patients. They did not rush through the appointment, rather they took their time to really understand what was going on with our pup and spent lots of time looking her over. They were also excellent at explaining what they were doing and made sure that when we left we were clear on how to carry her treatment forward. We are thrilled to have Dr. Grove in our neighborhood."

- Paula

"I loved visiting Dr. Grove and her staff at Trusted Friend Animal Clinic.  They were extremely nice, clearly cared for animals, and very calming; I've never seen my cat so chilled out during a vet visit.  I appreciated that Dr. Grove took the time to explain flea treatment for my kitty.  I highly recommend Trusted Friend and am looking forward to vsiting again (with my dog) soon!"

- Alex

"The very BEST vet visit any of my pets have ever had.  Thorough and relaxed with such caring attention to every detail.  I never plan to go anywhere else."

- Sue

"FANTASTIC!  Dr. Hayley and Staff are always so patient with all my questions.  They take their time with Stella and remember her little odd habits."

- Beth