What to Expect

How are your appointments scheduled?

Our appointments are scheduled to be 30 minutes in length so that we have plenty of time to discuss your pet's physical exam findings and bloodwork results, if perfomed, as well as answer your questions.

What should I do before my appointment?

We ask that you fast your pet before your appointment, so that in the event we are doing bloodwork, we will get a good sample. Sometimes, when pets have eaten prior to having blood drawn, there are fats present in the blood which can interfere with some of the results.

Annual Exam for Dogs

It is helpful if you can bring a urine sample (collected the day of your appointment, as close in time as you can) for us. This way, we save time and can have the results of the bloodwork (which includes urine testing) to go over with you before you leave.

Annual Exam for Cats

It is helpful if you can bring a stool sample with you to your appointment. This is much less stressful on your cat.

Fecal tests for dogs and cats will be sent out to the lab, and you will receive a call or an email (depending on your preference) the next day with the results.

What if my work schedule does not allow me to bring my pet in for an appointment?

We offer "Drop off" appointments in the event that your schedule will not permit you to bring your pet in for an exam during office hours.  We will need you to fill out a "Drop off" Consent Form when you drop your pet off in the morning.  

Having background information on your pet helps in making an assessment of your pet's health.  In addition, we must be able to get in touch with you during the day to go over the results of the physical exam, and discuss any diagnostic or treatment recommendations.  

Veterinary Care

for Your Trusted Friend
Trusted Friend Animal Clinic, the office of Dr. Hayley Grove and Dr. Arvid Edward, is a Sandy Springs veterinary practice conveniently located at the intersection of Roswell Road and Hammond Drive. We are your local vet caring for cats and dogs from all over North Atlanta. Whether it is a routine check-up or an emergency situation, Dr. Grove, Dr. Edward, and their veterinary team are here to care for your trusted friend with personal attention and an unhurried pace.