Inclement Weather
Due to the approaching storm our hospital may be closed during the week of January 17th, 2022. Please call us at 404-907-1404 for up-to-date information.
Click here to read our COVID-19 protocol.

To Our Valued Clients,

The safety and well-being of our clients, patients, and staff are our highest priority. As such, we have taken necessary precautions to ensure our safety to our clients, patients, and staff. To provide safe service for you and your pets, we require you to call us when you arrive for your appointment. It is also mandatory to wear a mask if you wish to enter our clinic.

Curbside Check-In Form

Thank you for choosing Trusted Friend Animal Clinic! Please fill out the form below.

Curbside Check-In Form

Before you come to see us, complete your curbside check-in form online. When you arrive for your appointment, call us at 404-907-1404, and a member of our team will come out to retrieve your pet(s). If you have not booked an appointment yet, please do so here.

Please Note: Our updated COVID-19 policy requires us to let you know the symptoms to be aware of before coming into your appointment.

If you are suffering from ANY of the following such as coughing, fever, upper respiratory, headache, or gastrointestinal issues, your pet’s appointment will need to be rescheduled. If you have had any international travels or travels by airplane to hotspots within the US, etc., your pet’s appointment will need to be rescheduled, or another person needs to bring your pet in for the appointment.

A mask is always required (covering your mouth and nose) to enter the clinic.

(Please list the model and color.)
(The veterinarian and technician will use this number to communicate with you through the appointment.)
If you do not need a refill, please put N/A.
My signature authorizes that I will be giving VERBAL CONSENT via telephone while curbside, based on an accurate explanation of the treatment plan and charges provided to me by the veterinarian or veterinary technician who speaks with me during my pet's appointment.
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