Dental Care

Dental Care

What is dentistry?

Our dental procedure is called a COHAT – complete oral health assessment and treatment. This means that any time your pet needs a “dental” we are doing much more than just a teeth cleaning. We perform a full oral exam when your pet is under anesthesia and record the findings so we can discuss it with you.

Why is dentistry important?

A complete exam is needed because, in addition to the teeth, there can be issues with the: 

  • Gums
  • Tongue
  • Palate
  • Throat
  • Jaws 
  • Tonsils

Why are dental radiographs (x-rays) important?

We take dental radiographs every time your pet is under anesthesia for a “dental” because we can miss detecting a problem underneath the gum line if this is not done. For example, we could miss finding a diseased tooth root.

What if you find a problem?

If any problems are detected during the exam or on the dental radiographs, we call you to discuss treatment options like tooth extraction for a diseased tooth.

At the end of the procedure, whether extractions were needed or not, the teeth are polished with a special paste so that the enamel surface is smooth and there are not rough areas to which plaque can attach.

What can I do to keep my pet’s teeth clean and healthy at home?

After your pet’s teeth are professionally cleaned, it is important to continue care for the teeth at home. At home care and yearly professional dental COHATs are crucial to preventing or minimizing the risk for periodontal disease, which is the most common disease of adult dogs and cats.

Why is periodontal disease important?

Periodontal disease not only affects the teeth and mouth. Bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream and do damage to the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Can you help me make sure I am taking care of my pet’s dental health?

Yes. We recommend several products to help prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar which leads to periodontal disease.  Also, we will discuss the impact that the food your pet eats has on his or her dental health.